Herman Vleminckx-Huybens

“Roud Léiwinnen meaning Fighting Lions in English !

After several years of excellent work by the previous trainers, a new duo was engaged by the Federation mid September.

Many roads lead to Rome, to choose the most suitable way was the required first tasks, to define the identity of the team. The girls evaluate themselves as fighting, hungry, motivated, co-operative, close together, ambitious and last but not least caring. Caring for each other and caring for the world.

In this year’s Novotel Cup, the youngsters will be integrated, and this not only because of the long time injury of two pillars of the team, but above all because they are talented.

The group being ambitious and self-confident, we can’t wait showing to the audience that our newly found identity is more than justified. So we are waiting to let you hear our roaring during the Novotel Cup!

Don’t forget that in nature the female lion is the hunter, the male stays (lazily) with the troop… “